Monday, May 17, 2010


Dear readers,

Back again to give you some updates on what is happening on the ground. Getting items and distributing them before school opening date for every single kid wasn’t an easy task as it has always be but went perfect. Sending them all back to school was well organized but tiresome. Finally, all TFFT Scholarship kiddos are back to school, settled and busy with their 2010 2nd term as they should.

After trying for like more than a month when kids were on break, and Fratern (our MD) having to call every single day to see how is it going with the application he put in before to get some mosquito nets donated by PSI, We ended up deciding to purchase mosquito nets for our kids on our own. However, keeping in mind that we are a non profit, trying to reach out and help as many kids as we could, I had to check out with two big textile industries based in Arusha for two reasons; one trying to get some discount since we are an non-profit working for orphans and abandoned children and two hopping that it will be more cheap cost wise getting them directly from the industry as compared to buying them from stores in town.

Finally the number one reason couldn’t work but number two is what we ended up opting. How excited the kiddos were when I was rolling into school with two big boxes full of squared and rounded new mosquito nets in the car trunk!! Emily and Anne were there before me that day and they already told kids that Josh will be coming with mosquito nets for you!!!

Pole Anne for disrupting your Full Circle After School Program as there was no way you could run it while all kids wanted to hear or do nothing else but getting mosquito nets and make sure they are doing away with malaria especially because of rain season and grasses which provides good breeding sites for mosquitoes.

Our Scholarship Children are all happy and malaria free!!