Tuesday, July 13, 2010


In the next 3 days 17 RideTZ riders will be arriving in Tanzania to kick off our amazing Kili to the Coast- Ride For A Cause! I can't believe it's finally here. Our riders have spent countless months, days, and hours training on bikes and in the gym as well as fundraising. To date, this dedicated crew has raised more than 100K collectively for The Foundation For Tomorrow's scholarship kids and programs. Talk about an amazing group of people!

Excitement for our RideTZ Riders!

Here on the ground in TZ, we've been busy deciding everything from campsites along the route to how to transport enough water for 20+ riders over a 10 day period. We've had some great reccie trips (check out Anne's blog), fun rides out to school and a lot of laughs through this experience!

On Friday afternoon, our Summits Africa guides Ema and Jacob, and their crew of 15 will be taking the reigns, meeting our riders and getting us all psyched for our adventure! On Saturday, after a send off from all of TFFT's students at Usa River Academy, we'll hit the dirt.

Ema...our guide and teacher??
Jacob in his riding shoes...
Keep checking in to find out where we are and how we're doing! Also be sure to check in on Facebook and Twitter.

Ride TZ Reccie

Last month the guys at Summits packed up and headed off to do the last of the Ride TZ Reccies. The guides rode the entire route and I was lucky enough to join them for the first 3 days of riding.

We headed off with two of the Summits guides. This is Jacob, he recently returned from a six month bike adventure throughout the whole of East Africa.

This is Ema, he runs up and down Kilimanjaro for a living and has sumitted over 80 times. He is such a motivator and makes riding fun and his smile never fails to cheer you up. While riding up a sandy hill he has even been known to break into song singing "From a Distance," which made even the most exhausted rider (ME) happy to climb on.

The summits crew will be trailing us the whole time to ensure our safety.

The views are so stunning that even the guides have to take a moment to soak it all up.

Our first night we camp at Maji Moto, a fresh water pool.

A dip in this pool will definitely be the perfect end to the first day of riding.

Our trail can best be described as mixed- use. Sometimes we will break for dik dik other times we can encounter caravans of donkeys.

Many Maasai deserve thanks in helping to determine the best route when riding through the bush.

Things in TZ change quickly and often. The need for the multiple reccie's becomes apparent as fully functional bridges and routes that existed 2 months prior are no longer.

All is well though, as Ema always improvises with a smile.

Our lunch spot on day 2 takes us to Nyumba ya Mungu "House of God" lake.

Spinning tires through this sand is definitely a challenge, but luckily it wont be for too long.

The views of the lake are stunning.

You have to love the safi outfits you see in the remote villages.

Jacob attracts a crowd anywhere he goes.

With his energy you can see why everyone adores Jacob.

Hydration is key for a ride this long and hot!

Sunset on day 2 over the far side of Nyumba ya Munga.

View of the Pangani river from our camp on night 2.

Pangani River

I would love to see see hardcore mountain bikers cross this!

See those mountains in the distance. By the afternoon we reach and cross them and head down to Mkomazi national park for the night.

A Maasai man trying out the bike during a lunch break.

Late in the afternoon on the third day I parted ways with the Summits team. They continued on to Pangani. This Friday we will all meet up again and head off for Ride TZ. For the riders we have a great and challenging adventure ahead of us. If you are unable to participate in the ride stay tuned for dispatches from the field!

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