Monday, April 18, 2011


Dear readers,

Usa River Academy is 1 of the 4 schools that TFFT partners with. Out of these partner schools, Usa River Academy has the big number of kids from TFFT. Students enrolled in this school are on break now and we are looking forward to send them back on May 1st.

As you may all know at the end of each term kids sits for exams and on school closing day parents receives grade reports for their kids. Out of 11 students who emerged in position one from their respective classes 6 of them were TFFT kids.

Looking at total of 55 students who appeared in top 5s, eighteen of them were TFFT as well. This is such a good performance, no matter how difficult or stressful working for kids might be sometimes; this performance makes each of us at TFFT rejuvenated and keeps us going. Many thank to our donors, sponsors and supporters who in one way or another enables The TFFT Scholarship Program to be realized and congrats to TFFT Scholarship children for such a great job.

Baby Class – 11 students total
Nisima Ishemgoma- Position 4
Emmanuel John – position 4

Class I – 12 students
Namayani Lendimi – position 3

Class II – 16 students
Odemari Philbert – position1

Class III – 29 students
Miriam Daniel – position 1
Lomnyaki Lendimi – position 3

Class IV – 20 students
Joyce Elipokea – position 1
Ndera Emmanuel – position 5

Class V – 14 students
Paulina Kalaga – position 2
Dickson Simon – 3
Juliet Elia – position 4

Class VI – 19 students
Joachim Philbert – position 1
Allan Verael – position 3
Fadhili Peter – position 5

Class VII – 16 students
Salvatory Seth – position 1
Joyce Wilson – position 5

Form II – 31 students
Richard Augustino – position 1
Irene Peter – position 5