Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hop a Long

So…later this week, I’ll post an update on the RideTZ course along with details of the recent Reccie trip that Ema and Jacob (our fearless guides) of Summits Africa took, accompanied by TFFT staffer and RideTZ rider Anne Palmer.

However, first let me share the little hiccup that has hit the RideTZ team (by team I mean me, Emily) here in Tanzania. It seems that adding rugby training to my exercise plan wasn’t the greatest idea! Apparently young boys can tackle, and after an afternoon of playing, I walked off the field with a fractured fibula to my right ankle bone area.

After a week of ace bandaging and waiting for the swelling to come down, I was fitted with a safi new cast in Nairobi. Writing names on the cast isn’t really big over here (and probably hasn’t been anywhere since the 80’s), but that didn’t stop me. I brought a plethora of colors with me on my first day back at school, and once the novelty of the cast wore off, and the kids realized how hard it really was…the drawing began!

The girls taking full advantage of my one good leg!

When the cast was colorful enough, the crutches or “crunches” as some call them became the focus of the afternoon. It was really fun to watch the kids try to hobble around, until I stood up and they decided to test the legitimacy of my break. It took me a few minutes to clue in to their small bodies moving further and further away from me as I stood there standing crutchless. However, when they started saying “now come here” and “walk to me” I realized I could be in trouble. Luckily enough I was able to demonstrate my inability to walk pretty quickly and was offered a few kiddie shoulders to lean on while they finished up crunching around.

Apaifura trying to balance with one leg up and crutches that are entirely too tall!

Aminieli just chillin'

Ndera got a little sick of hopping

Gladness had great form! Look at that lifted foot!

Everyone please send good thoughts that this “casti” comes off on Friday and I have two good feet (though one much tinier now) for the ride!