Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Full Circle Is Underway!

"WEENA, WEENA, WEENA!", the girls shouted as they jumped up and down erratically. They had just defeated the boys in a Tug Of War match. Full Circle, our holistic after school program, is underway! The program is designed to bring the concepts environmental conservation and nutrition into the lives of its participants.

Through games and hands-on activities, our kids (and most of the other boarders at Fikiria Kwanza Academy) will develop the tools necessary to start and maintain an organic garden, germinate and plant tree saplings, and they will learn the importance of the 3R's (reduce, reuse, recycle). 

Last week, we worked on developing leadership skills and emphasizing the importance of team work with Tug Of War. The kids were forced to work TOGETHER as a team to pull win their match, and their celebrations were impressive. Tug Of War was the official end Full Circle's first week, and I'd say we went out with a rather big BANG!

The program will last for twelve weeks, and thanks to the generous support of the Clif Bar Family Foundation, The Foundation for Tomorrow will be able to fund our ambitious projects! 

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