Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tree Planting with Trees for the Future

As I've posted, Full Circle (TFFT's Holistic After School Program) is under weigh. Last week, David Tye of Trees For The Future  attended our Thursday session. We had been speaking for some time and he was eager to speak with Fikiria Kwanza's boarding students about the many uses of trees.

Mr. Tye stood before a group of about 40 of them and asked one simple question: "What are trees used for?" They readily volunteered responses. "Firewood!", shouted some of them. "They keep the air clean," said one. With soil and fertilizer donated by the school, we instructed participants to fill polyethene tubes and plant three single seeds.

With pride, participants posed for the camera holding their soon to be tree saplings. When they are ready in a few months, we will transplant the saplings onto Fikiria Kwanza's campus, where the kids can proudly show off their green thumbs!

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