Monday, March 23, 2009

Snake Park Safari

Lou cooked up the brilliant idea to have a fun-filled afternoon for our scholarship children of a field trip & ice cream and had the perfect location: Usa River Snake Park. Split into two groups, we took off up the Momella Road last Thursday and Friday. Within minutes of arrival, it was obvious who were the reptile lovers. I was quite impressed as most were fearless, trying to get as close as possible and even willing to hold some of the creatures! They were fascinated by everything. We had two great guides who took the kids around teaching them about every animal at the center. They were all great listeners and I know they learned a lot.

We were able to see all kinds of different snakes - African Tree Snake, Green Mambo, Cobras, Rat Snakes, and that's only the beginning. The albino cobra from Thailand was the favorite amongst the older boys.

Lomanyaki holding a snake!

The larger than life crocodiles instigated shrieks and shrills from the children, but they came around and couldn't help but hanging on the sides of the pit staring. The snake park also had several tortoises wandering around the different pits which became favorites of the children. They weren't afraid to pick them up, touch their shells, pet their heads (if the turtle was brave enough!), and some even had the chance to sit on them!

Helena and Sophia sitting on tortoises!

There are hundreds and hundreds of chameleons living in little huts all over the back portion of the center. In East African traditions, chameleons are bad omens so everyone was a little hesitant getting too close. But after seeing the guide pull out one after the next, they warmed up to the idea of holding the little creatures.

After our little adventures with the reptiles, we had refreshing snack of ice cream cones and headed back to school. Everyone had a blast! I know this will be a treasured memory for them all in the years to come.

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