Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thank You Edith & Margaret!

After succesfully summiting on Kilimanjaro, Edith and Margaret Wyatt - TFFT sponsors - spent some time at Matanyok on their recent trip to Tanzania. They hoped to bring some artistic inspiration to Matanyok and the children there.. with a mural! Margaret hopes to study art in the future and put together a plan. After careful selection of the local hardware store's paint, they were ready to go! With the children's help, they created the masterpiece you see below...

Some of the children showing off their artistic talents!

Completed Mural by Wyatts & Matanyok Children

The mural was completed in record time, allowing for Edith and Margaret to organize some other art projects for the children - painting, coloring, and collage making! Emmy, Ndemno, and all of the children at Matanyok had a great time with the Wyatt's and their art projects... what an awesome way to have the children create something that will last forever!

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