Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Barber Blues..

So- just a funny little post quickly...

Every couple of weeks it seems the kids get this rather nasty head fungus. Not sure if it's ring worm, or a random fungus but it's pretty gross either way. The remedy for this is a quick trip to the Doctor for some medicated cream and a full buzz cut at the barber.

Last week was no exception with Rosie being the first to approach me with said fungus. She informed me that her head "was paining" and she needs a shave (which she acted out for me). I told her we would go the next day and to be ready when I got to school. Well, the next day, Mathayo, Athumaini and Apaifura all informed me that they too were sick on their heads. SO- we piled in the car, swung past the Usa River Medical Clinic for some medicine and then hit up the Barber.

Everyone was excited and the Barber is a really nice guy who enjoys the kids. However, Rosie, the ring leader ended up hating the whole shaving process and was not too happy by the end. I even tried to cheer her up with biltong, which surprisingly didn't work. The others enjoyed it though! Guess you can't win them all. Anyways, we decided to have a photo shoot while waiting for everyone and I had to share the pics with everyone because they're hysterical. Hope these give you a good mid-week laugh.

Old Man Mathayo...

Mini T...

A happy Athumaini

A not so happy Rosie..


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Jim Coughlin said...

Dear Rosie,
I was so inspired by your story. I decided to shave my head on Dec 31, 2009. I paid $5 for my head shave at the Park West Barber School in Durham, NC. Now I'm asking thousands of people to donate just $5 (or more) to help you and the children of TFFT Afria.

Love, Jim