Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Graduation Ceremony!!!!

Graduation Ceremony for Standard seven and form four students class of 2010 at usa river academy took place on Saturday September 11. It was one of the happiest days out there. Lots of performances from kiddos and one of the things that I was mostly amazed with was how talented the TFFT scholarship children are. Out of every performance there was a minimum of 4 TFFT kids. And two of the performing groups were actually by TFFT kids only. Drama, singing, dancing…….

Good number of parents/care takers showed up, including mama Mrisho from Irente children’s home, who traveled for 6 to 7 hours drive all the way from Lushoto to Usa River Academy.

After the official ceremony, Fratern and I gathered with all of our scholarship children in one classroom where they enjoyed special TFFT graduation cake, juice, crackers, chicken, chips mayai and samousas with their brothers and sisters (graduates)

Congrats Agnes (our form four graduate), Jackline, Eliupendo, Vincent, Dickson and Zakaria (class seven graduates). We are proud of you!!!!

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