Monday, September 19, 2011

Usa River Academy Graduation - by Josh Nassari

Hello TFFT Supporters,

Big news for you here!

On Saturday September 10th, Usa River Academy held a graduation ceremony for 2011 Standard 7 (equivalent to middle school) and Form 4 students (high school). It was a great day! Eight TFFT Class 7 students received certificates showing that they have completed primary school and three Form 4 students from TFFT graduated. All of the TFFT students and staff attended this very exciting event, and this time round the TFFT Executive Director, Meghann Gunderman was even able to attend the celebration.

Many family members of the graduating students attended the event. We were very pleased with the turn out. You wont believe that even Vialeth and Rachel's bibi (grandma) who is in her 90s attended. It was a great opportunity for everyone to come together and celebrate the TFFT student’s success.

During the graduation there were many presentations and performances. The TFFT kids were not behind or shy, and in many cases they took lead roles. We were very proud to see them up in front of everyone singing, acting, dancing, and speaking. It was a true illustration of how confident the TFFT students have become and the leadership role they have taken on at school. I truly realized how TFFT has helped give these students an opportunity and laid a foundation, but now they are building their futures and taking advantage of every situation. Their personalities are growing, each student becoming an individual, and their self esteem continues to impress me.The party was full of smiles and laughter. We brought two cakes, one for Standard 7 and one for Form 4 graduates to show them how proud we are of them. They shared with all of the TFFT students and it turned into a big party. The school slaughtered a cow for the graduates (a big honor in Tanzania) and prepared lots of food. Parents, teachers, students, and the TFFT team sat together and ate. And go figure.. Lomyanki was the first one in line to get food and coca cola baridiii (cold- not very common in these parts)! Students ran around playing and celebrating

their great accomplishments. Overall it was a perfect day!

I couldn't blink staring at Richard Francis acting with his amazing Sambaa accent , Veronica, Paulina, Lomnyaki, Miriam, Ashura, Julieth, Rosemary, Isack, Ombeni all singing and dancing, Nancy'sspeech to graduates and of course Nancy and Irene's dance.

Congratulations to Vialeth, Isack, and Ombeni our Form 4 graduates. We are looking forward to watching you accomplish great things in the future” By the way, Isack and Ombeni have planned to go to driving school right after they finish their exams in three weeks. After that they must wait to hear back about their exams before they are able to go onto two years of A-levels.

Congratulations to our Standard 7 graduates – Wema, Jesca, Joyce, Caren, Ombeni, Redson, Salvatory, and Amani! We are very proud of all of you and can't wait to find out how you did on your national exams.” Once these students receive their results they will begin Secondary Schoo, first 4 years of O-Levels and then 2 years of A-Levels. They will all start Form 1 at Star High School in January.We know they are all very excited to join secondary school. TFFT is planning to enroll them in pre-form 1 course between now and January so they enter secondary school well prepared.

"Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great. You can be that great generation."

Nelson Mandela

Thank you to all of the TFFT sponsors who have helped these students accomplish so much. You are part of their success and should be proud of your dedication. Asante sana!

Josh Nassari

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John said...

Congratulations to all the students! What an achievement!