Monday, October 24, 2011

TFFT Form 4 Graduates Holiday - By: Josh Nassari (Scholarship Program Director)

Dear Friends,

As you may all know from my last blog post, this year we had three Form Four (end of O-Levels) graduates and eight Primary School graduates (USA equivalent of Grade 7). I am writing now to tell you about the exciting things that our Form Four graduates will be doing over the school break while they wait for their national exam results. Once they hear their national exam results they can move forward with their A-Levels (the last two years of high-school). Everyone here at TFFT is very proud of Isack, Ombeni, and Vaileth for completing Form Four and now we want to welcome them in the real world.

Before they took their exams Isack could not stop talking about how he wants to learn driving and basic car mechanic, and Vaileth has always talked about how she wants to attend computer classes while Ombeni seemed to be ok with whatever was going to come up. Since we want to keep the graduates busy during their break and empower them we are going to find them job placements and their salaries will be going towards learning a new skill, whether it be driving or computers.

Isack comes from Lushoto. He is one of the first kids that joined the TFFT Scholarship program from Irente Children’s Home in Lushoto. Now he wants to return to the center and work there. He is hoping to work at the store, assisting with purchasing items for the children and learning administrative skills. Three days a week he will spend working and the other days he will spend his salary learning how to drive and take computer classes. He is really excited about learning how to drive and use computers and knows that these are essential skills for future success.

Ombeni is going to be placed at Matonyok Parent’s Trust. This is one of TFFT’s partner orphanages that we work with in the Arusha area. Matonyok has lots of projects going on right now, including: producing bricks for sale to the community, a cow project, a horticulture project, and they are starting to classrooms as a start to their very own school. Ombeni is going to be the right hand man at the site and help where help is needed a few days a week. His salary will be going towards computer classes. He has also expressed interest in driving classes, but he has decided to first dedicate his time to computers and once he masters the necessary skills he will begin driving lessons.

Vaileth has continuously expressed interested in office management and administration. We have decided that she is going to work at the TFFT office in Arusha and help with all of our ongoing projects, including office management, the Full Circle Program, and Tutoring Program for the smaller children. We are very excited to have one of TFFT students join our office team and learn about all of the programs running. Vaileth will also be attending computer classes in town, which she is very excited about.

These experiences will allow all three of the graduates to hold real jobs and earn a salary. They are excited about paying for themselves to attend driving and computer school. We at TFFT strongly believe that this program is not only going to keep the students occupied while they wait for O-Level Results, but also empower them. We hope that they gain some real life skills and become excited about their futures and employment opportunities.


Adam said...

This is absolutely amazing! I couldn't be happier to hear this and to see the graduates engaging in community service while at the same time learn these practical skills and give back to the same TFFT programs which helped get them to this point. Good work to all TFFT staff for putting together this plan and executing it, this makes me truly proud of how far we have come. Kwa Pamoja Tunaweza.

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