Thursday, August 21, 2008

Matonyok Parent's Trust

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Anonymous said...

i'm so prefoundly grateful for all those with heartfelt grace helping matonyok parent trust! The situation for matonyok trust center is realy worse due p
oor management! Children are descriminated and their realy are changed especialy those children from bush! Its a vialation of children right to hide a child identity! Currently one of child by the name emanuel ndemno as stated in lucky vincent std v registration book! According to cordinator of the center information he said that '' i stopped emanuel from going to school as a way to punish him from doing a mistake of supplying the center's pics to school! Other student reported! My suggestation is not the right way to treat a child! Right now other student are going on with studies while emanuel is staying at the center taking care of a cow! This is obvious against human right!
I suggest all those responsible for this orphanage children center they should making a daily visit to see how children are mistreated despite they are proving everything yet children parent are asked to contribute 100,000/= tsh for more information just email me! I hurted to have seen whats going on with matonyok parent trust center! Pls an immediate action is need to rescue these children from being humilated while they have gotten sponsorship!