Monday, December 20, 2010


TFFT conducted a Training of Trainers from October 14 to 16 and Dec. 1, 2010. There were 9 participants—seven of whom were the “training champions” from the first teachers training held in August, and the other two were Usa River Academy’s headmaster and second master. The main goal of the ToT was to prepare the training champions for their role as URA’s in-house continuing professional development facilitators—our attempt at making the training program sustainable. Below is an article about the training written by one of the training champions, Mr. Geoffrey Lubega, who is also the Chairperson of URA’s Academic Advisory Committee.

Melissa F. Queyquep

Teachers Training Program Director

On behalf of the training champions, we are very grateful for the opportunity which was given to us by The Foundation for Tomorrow to be trained as trainers. Just emerging as a champion alone made me believe in my self, so when the program was introduced it made me prepared psychologically to attend and participate in it.

The workshop had nine participants, and these were Mr. Kamuru Leonard, Mr. Kyambadde Christopher, Mr. Michael Gitau, Madam Lucy, Madam Eva Ngowe, Madam Mary Zziwa, Madam Carol Bernard , Madam Elizabeth, and myself.

The workshop was facilitated by exciting and knowledgeable facilitators—Mr. Geoff Gaskell, Mr. Kennedy Oulu, and TFFT Teachers Training Program Director Madam Melissa Queyquep. Before the training, TFFT’s Managing Director and Teachers Training Program Director ensured that the facilities were all in place for the program to be successful.

The workshop covered modules on the principles of adult learning, training methodologies, developing action learning projects, introduction to mentoring and to monitoring and evaluation. Excellent facilitating skills and professionalism where exhibited during the course of training.

The final part of the training was a practicum, held on December 1, where we were required to make a presentation on a topic that we ourselves had chosen. Just to come up with a topic and research about it was a challenge because it required a topic which could suit adult learners. But with consistent guidance from Madam Melissa, I came up with one (Roles of a Teacher). After choosing the topic, we also had to develop our own session plans. When it was time to present, every body was looking at me. This made me a bit nervous but I quickly gained stability and made what I call my best presentation. I heaved a sigh of relief when my 45 minutes of fame ended (that’s the amount of time given to each of us to present in front of the class). All of us were nervous but the presentations went well. At the end of the day we were all in agreement that this mock presentation contributed to our growth as teachers and most importantly to our role as advisers to our colleagues in school. We also had a good laugh as we discussed and reflected on how we performed during our presentation.

The learning I gained from the workshop will help me in my capacity as member of the Academic Advisory Committee, in training and in mentoring my co-teachers who might need some help in carrying out their responsibilities. Lastly I will be in a position to monitor and evaluate, and advice on the teaching- learning process in our institution.

I, together with my colleagues, will make sure that this training will have a lasting impact during and after the process of executing our responsibilities as teachers as well as trainers.

Let me once again thank the TFFT management, funders and other stakeholders who made this training a reality and a success.

May the Almighty Lord reward all of you!


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