Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our Students Goals and Dreams

I was so pleased to get to Arusha and meet our new Full Circle Program Director- Adam. Adam this term has launched Full Circle with a section on Goals and Dreams. I was fortunate to have a chance to read their letters they wrote as a part of this project and wanted to share with you guys some of our kids comments.

Nancy- Her mother died when she was six years old and her father died when she was very young she doesn't remember what he looked like. She is in 9th grade and likes geography, biology and maths. She also wants to learn french, spanish and german and speaks English already. Her favorite colors are pink, light blue and light green. Her ambition is to become a designer, "the most famous in the world." Her favorite singers are Lil' Wayne, TI, Rihana and Ciara. Her birthday is July 3rd. She also suggests never to keep the word "quit" in your mind, instead replace it with "keep trying". She also said she needs to "get experience of the work and observe other leaders, get wisdom and knowledge to rule people, finish my studies especially university with good grades and get along with people and show them love."

NiceMary - Her best friend is Sally. She is studying to be a "business women". Some business subjects she is taking include book-keeping and commerce. She is 16 years old and in 10th grade. Her birthday is December 26th. On her free time she likes to watch movies, tell stories and chat with her friends mostly. Her favorite color is yelow and her favorite game is volleyball. She has said, "I want to know all people who lives with me at school, teachers and students. I also need to be corrected whenever I do mistakes. I need to have education about HIV/AIDS and quality education."

Irene Peter - She is in grade 9. Her birthday is February 22nd, 1996. My dream is to become a piolot. Her favoirite subjects are physics, geography, maths and english. Her favorite singers are Rihana, Chris Brown, Ciara and Shaggy. She likes music and dancing. Her goals are, "I need to start work and be peace to the community and help orphans and street children. I need to get some practice on how to control planes. I need to go to the university and preform well."

Isak Sufiani - 18 years old. His favorite subjects are History, Kiswahili and Civics. Ombeni is his best friend. His goal is to become a lawyer professionally in order to "help those people who are living in bad conditions like street children, orphans and others. "I have also education of HIV/AIDS so we are to help teach some of the people like our fellow students and also others in our society."

Ombeni - 19 years old. Wants to become a lawyer to help street children. In order to do this he has said, " I have to cooperate with everybody, have to get advice, have to learn more about law, go to university and complete my secondary education."

Richard Augustino. 16 years old. Likes to play soccer. His favorite team is Manchester United. His dream is to become an engineer or a pilot. His favorite subjects are Mathematics, Physics and Geography. He also said his goals in life are "helping orphans and other disabled people, getting experience for one year, taking my university studies outside of Tanzania, complete my advanced level education and completed my ordinary level education."

Mary J - Favorite food is gulash and rice. Her favorite sport is netball. She likes to watch movies and sing in the choir. Her bast subject is bookkeeping and commerce and she hopes one day to become an accountant. She said in this discussion "you should give hope to yourself, prevent yourself from evil in life, be careful with your studies, cooperate in your work and society and you will succeed."

Magdalena J- Her tribe is Meru. There are five children in her family, one boy and four girls. Her brother has died already. Magdalena is a twin, mary is her sister. When she was a baby her father died. Her ambition is to become an accountant with her sister. She has said " I wish to grow and be an accountant, so I have to maintain in business studies. Afterwards, I will join a college of business. When I will be employed I will help the society. I will educate the people with their assets and money."