Monday, February 22, 2010


Richards great grandma and josh on the top left, Vincent's hut on the top right and Wema and Vincet's brother, his wife and their son in the farm where they grow corn and veggies to earn living.
(meghann and i were given some fresh corn to take with us)

On Monday last week Meghann (TFFT Executive Director) and I drove in a rented Land Rover truck from Arusha town early 8ish and our first stop was at the Good Hope Centre, one of the partner orphanages in which 16 Children from this center are enrolled in our Scholarship Program. We picked up the Good Hope manager and from there we drove in a rough road down to Kwa Ugoro, Marororni, and Migandini villages. These are the villages in which Redson, Vincent, Wema, Irene, Salvatory and Richard comes from. It wasn’t an easy task to drive there as at some point I thought our truck was going to flip.

Finally we were there and these families were thrilled to see us. You could tell how appreciative they were as in one house we were given milk chai (tea), another house fresh corn, soda in other house. Meghann was also nick named ‘Maswai’ which is typical Meru name and Irene step grandma’s name before she was baptized.

Seeing where these children come from , made me realize what a wonderful opportunity TFFT has given them. Trust me I am a Tanzanian, born and raised here and went to school here. There is no way they could have been able to go to good school like the one they are now and acquire a quality education on their own. It made so proud working for an organization like TFFT and being part of this. Most of the people we met who lives with the TFFT Scholarship Children during holidays were their grand parents, uncles or brothers.

The last home to visit was Richard’s; here we met his grandfather who was walking on crutches, grandmother, and great grandmother who is approximately in her late 80s or 90s. She couldn’t speak (ki)Swahili which is national language, luck enough I do speak (ki)meru her vernacular language. Meghann wanted to know which year was she born, the answer was I don’t know. Hoping that history might help to figure out how old she is, Meghann asked if she knows what was happening when she was born. The answer here was “NOTHING WAS HAPPENING WHEN I WAS BORN”

Many thanks to our supporters, In one way or another you have given the TFFT Scholarship Children the opportunity of their life time. They now has the chance of receiving the quality education and empower themselves in the future

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