Wednesday, February 17, 2010

RideTZ Days 1 & 2!

A little bit of information for all those wondering where and what exactly the RideTZ adventure seekers will be accomplishing on their 10-day ride to the Coast. I’m going to be covering different days in the next few weeks, so stay posted to make it through the whole, crazy trip!

When the RideTZ riders first land at Kilimanjaro International Airport, they will go straight to Momela Road, where they will be staying for the night at The Ngurdoto Mountain Lodge Momela Road is home to Usa River Academy (URA), TFFT’s flagship school, where 69 of our Scholarship recipients attend classes and live in boarding. Momela Road also leads to Arusha National Park Arusha National Park, the closest National Park to our city center. RideTZ riders will have an opportunity to meet the Ride Team, as well as get to know each other a little bit before the ride begins the day they arrive.

The next morning, we’ll be waking up early to hit the road (or dirt path depending). After decompressing from the plane ride, Summits Africa Summits Africa will debrief all riders and help everyone pack their bags for our big adventure! Once our team is set, we’ll head to URA to visit with the children and meet the TFFT Tanzania staff. It is at this point that our riders will be able to meet the faces who have touched them so much…such as Jim Coughlin, who shaved his head to raise money after being inspired by Rosie Msafiri’s story (

Some of the kiddies acting silly
After spending some time with the children, we’ll jump on our bikes and spend some time in the saddle! Our ride will take us towards the Masai Steppe, where riders will have their first go on African terrain. With some dust, some Maasai and maybe a bit of wildlife RideTZ riders will be able to get into the groove of riding on this half day out in the bush! Our last reccie trip had us stuck in a ng'ombe (cow) jam...a sight all too familiar in these parts!

By the end of the day, we'll all be ready to put our feet up, enjoy a nice cup of chai and talk about our first day on road!

Headed into the Maasai Steppe and our "open" road!


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