Friday, February 12, 2010


Hi all,

It’s such a big shame that it has been two months now since I joined the TFFT team in Tanzania as the Scholarship Program Director But this is my first blog post. I know I have been difficult to post something for TFFT blogers not because I don’t want to, rather because of the fact that social media and the like are new things to us in Africa and I would say mostly in East Africa.

How ever I haven’t been difficult in other areas (don’t judge me wrong!), According to Emily (our Development Director) I learned the TFFT Scholarship Children names and personalities faster than any other TFFTer. From now on, you should expect to hear more about the TFFT Scholarship Children form me.

So couple of weeks ago the whole TFFT team on the ground was at Usa River Academy, the school in which most of our kiddos goes to. Our kids came to us as usual, each of them shouting out a random story, others lifting themselves on our arms, others explaining how they have lost their padlock keys, others asking about trips etc. At some point it become silent and Yusuph (one of the triplets) came up with a question which we all paid attention to,

Yusuph; Joshua you are the boss to TFFT Right???

Josh; (puzzled by the question) I am not the boss to TFFT.

Yusuph; Yes, yes you are.

Josh; why do you think I am the boss to TFFT!!!?

Yusuph; because you have the beards

We all ended up laughing, but I learned from the kids that beards can make you become the boss. So I had to shave my beards because am not the boss


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